adrian frutiger – a life (in german)

Januar 21st, 2012

This is a informative interview with the unique font designer Adrian Frutiger. It gives you a great insight into the life of the Swiss man who creates fonts like Frutiger or Egyptienne. The film was made in 2007 by the Berlin film maker Sebastian Rohner.

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holton rower: the paper cup artist

Januar 21st, 2012

Untitled pictures
// 2010-2011 // Acrylic on Plywood

The artist with the paper cup. Amazing technic to paint a picture. It’s so simple but effective. You have to watch the video!

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one wisdom a day

Januar 12th, 2012


For those, who sometimes needs a f*cking design advise. Awesome page with a lots of home truths about the designers life.




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become a hero in 3.2 million ink dots

Dezember 12th, 2011

A piece made of 3.2 million ink dots sounds incredible. It is. It’s the best human printer I’ve ever seen.

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