März 11th, 2015

How cute is that? Be Together. Not the Same. Imagespot for Adroid.

Life is Bitter

März 9th, 2015

Haha. Nice 170th anniversary prank which implement the claim in a smart way: Life is bitter.

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März 7th, 2015

It’n not about the car (which is replacable), but I like the idea.

march 2015

März 2nd, 2015

Slash! Its not a guitar hero, neither a symbol but the freefont of the month. Slash is a unique, geometric typeface und only available in badass black caps. The designer Ronald Vermeijs provides it for free here.

via pixelbuddha     Check also all the other freefonts of the month on designwithme.

gradient is coming

März 1st, 2015

My forcast for this year: gradients. With shade v1.0.0 you will get mathematically derived gradients at its best. Awesome.



Februar 12th, 2015

Its a few weeks ago, but still #awesome.

february 2015

Februar 3rd, 2015

The retro free font family is inspired from old type typography. Designed by Vasilis Skandalos there are two different styles:
sans serif and slap serif. I love the look and you can download it here.

via behance     Check also all the other freefonts of the month on designwithme.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Januar 23rd, 2015

Carlsberg: simple but effective. Good idea.

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Dancing Queen?

Januar 15th, 2015

What is the spot about? I don’t care, I just see dancing vaginas and dicks…

pastimes for break #14: RGB challenge

Januar 14th, 2015

RGB challenge. And another colour game – this time in RGB. They will give you a rgb code and you can guess what colour it is. Not that easy, for me as a printer – for all onliners it could be an easy challenge. Here you can find more designnerd games.

Slo Down Wines

Januar 12th, 2015

It is so f*cking absurd – I love it. These wine commercial reminds me on the lovely #oldspice and #skittles campaigns.

Slo Down Wines: Boxers/Furries from Keith Greenstein on Vimeo.

Slo Down Wines: Strippers/Vacuumers from Keith Greenstein on Vimeo.

norway flag add

Januar 6th, 2015

Simplicity at its best. So good.

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