The Final

Juli 12th, 2014

Poems of Horror

Juli 12th, 2014

Awesome. Kind of. There are just words, but u can imagine how it hurts.


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JULY 2014

Juli 8th, 2014

July is sans serif. It‘s the freefont Axis, which is „inspired by the geometry of the urban environment.“, said the New York-based graphic designer Jean M. Wojciechowski. It includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters and it is totally free to download here.

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Domestic violence

Juni 20th, 2014

This clips are about delicate subjects such as domestic violence and the discrimination girls and women experience in many areas of their lives. In any case not a pretty sight, but impressive and shaking up.

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JUNE 2014

Mai 31st, 2014

Another month – new freefont. A big letter display type fresh from Indonesia.With its slightly rounded corners and sloped beams Track is unique and lovely, too. Designed by Gumpita Rahayu – downloadable here.

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Mai 31st, 2014

Nice illustration about love (kind of). SWEET.

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next step of projection-mapping

Mai 18th, 2014

Not bad.

Optical illusion

Mai 18th, 2014

I’m getting really dizzy…


Mai 18th, 2014

One more beautiful campaign for lego – in that case from Marco Sodano.


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Mai 15th, 2014

Looking for a new car?

Mai 14th, 2014

I wish I want to have this. But I won’t. Nevertheless awesome video presentation.