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June 2015

Juli 5th, 2015

I know, I am a bit late for the freefont of June, but therefore it is a particularly beautiful typeface. The freefont of the month from designstudio Atipo is called Calendas Plus. It is an atiqua with many ligatures & alternates and a very balanced character, it doesn‘t matter if it is a headline or a copytext. Download Calendas Plus Regular for free by just paying with a Tweet or you can get the whole family by paying as much as you like (starts at 3€). Lovely.

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September 2014

September 4th, 2014

The new font Salomè is from Atipo and its very glamorous and fashionful and has so many special characters and ligatures that it is perfect for Headlines or typo campaigns. The regular font you can download for free here – you just have to pay with a tweet. If you want the whole family including Italic, Stencil, Stencil Italic, Fine und Fine Italic & Decó, you can decide how much you would like to pay for it.

via page    Check also all the other freefonts of the month on designwithme.