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glass VS concrete art

September 20th, 2015

What if you combine convrete with shit of glasses? Something beautiful! More of the artist Ben Young you can find here.


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type to design

September 20th, 2015

If you ever want to draw your name with letters from instagram, this tool is the perfect solution:

gradient is coming

März 1st, 2015

My forcast for this year: gradients. With shade v1.0.0 you will get mathematically derived gradients at its best. Awesome.


Magazin: Evangelisch weltweit

Januar 26th, 2015


pastimes for break #14: RGB challenge

Januar 14th, 2015

RGB challenge. And another colour game – this time in RGB. They will give you a rgb code and you can guess what colour it is. Not that easy, for me as a printer – for all onliners it could be an easy challenge. Here you can find more designnerd games.

Editorial Design: autograph book

Dezember 18th, 2014


T-Shirt Designs bei DBH

August 15th, 2014

Design with me at design by humans.

DBH is a designers community for print on demand. I made a few t-shirt designs for the american market – but its also available in Germany with free shipping (but u have to pay taxes). Each design costs round about 18 Euro for a T-Shirt, but u can have sweatshirts, Art Prints as well as Phone Cases, too. There are always ne designs, so you can have a look here from time to time.